There are more than 7 thousand languages ​​in the world. Among which there are languages ​​that can be ranked as quite rare. Some rare languages ​​are on the verge of extinction, since most of them simply do not have a written language, another reason lies in the reduction in the number of people speaking the language. For example, some dialects can be spoken by no more than 100 people. As for the Macedonian language, it and english to bangla translation is difficult to call it endangered, in part because people from all over the world continue to learn this language.

The Macedonian language is the language spoken by the ancient Macedonians in the 1st millennium AD. It belongs to the Indo-European language family. Currently, the Macedonian language can be heard not only in Macedonia, where it is the official language, but also in the USA, Canada, Greece, Serbia and some other countries. The language is taught at universities in Great Britain, Russia, Italy, Croatia. According to the data, about two million people speak the Macedonian language, which is the population of the Republic of Macedonia.

The Macedonian language can be divided into two dialects: Eastern and Western. In the 19th century, the Macedonian language strongly influenced the Old Church Slavonic and Russian languages. As for the language itself, many words in it are borrowed from other languages. The alphabet consists of 31 letters, it was created in 1944 based on the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet. Many letters that make up the Russian alphabet are absent in the Macedonian alphabet. The spelling used today was formed in 1945, in the same year the Macedonian language was approved as the official language of the Republic of Macedonia. Since then, many literary works have been published in the Macedonian language. Literary Macedonian is based on the dialects of the Western Central Region. The first Macedonian grammar was published in 1946 by Krumé Kepeski.