Probably everyone who shows at least a slight interest in the culture of Spain and hindi to english translation has heard of the writer Miguel de Cervantes, but few will say that they had the pleasure of reading his works in the original, in the language of the author. But the translation text can be so different from the original! If you want to delve into the essence of Spanish creations or if you have your own reasons to learn Spanish, then we will tell you more about this language.

Spanish Facts

Spanish is the official language of the United Nations, the European Union and the Organization of American States.
Spanish is spoken by people from over 22 countries.
Given the fact that Spanish is the second official language in many countries, more than half a billion people speak it.
But there are other reasons to learn Spanish:

The processes of economic globalization are one of them.
The development of the culture of almost all world states is influenced by the cultural heritage of the Spanish-speaking countries.
In this regard, we can mention both long-standing achievements, such as the work of Picasso, and works of our time, for example, books written by the Spanish-speaking writer Gabriel García Márquez. Today he is one of the most popular authors in the world.

If you master Spanish, you will open new doors for developing your own business, and you will be able to take it to the international level. The ability to negotiate with partners in their own language will give you a better chance of landing lucrative contracts. When looking for a good job, knowing Spanish is also a great bonus: it’s a way to stand out from other applicants for the desired vacancy.
You will know for yourself a world without borders … linguistic.
Knowing a foreign language will come in handy when traveling and learning new cultures. It is much more pleasant to communicate with the waiter not with gestures, but with words. This way you will definitely get exactly the coffee you want.
The speech of your favorite performers and actors will become clear to you. No more dubbing, just pure enjoyment of the voice and music, as well as understanding the meaning of the song or dialogue from the film.
Think learning Spanish is hard? This is not true. However, there are a number of features to be aware of:

Luckily for Spanish learners, Spanish words are spelled the same as they are pronounced, but accents and stresses present a challenge. The way of pronunciation can determine the meaning of the word.
Linguists note that the most complex component of the Spanish language are verbs. Their system includes 14 tenses: 7 simple and 7 compound.
For free communication in Spanish, it is necessary to have a wide vocabulary, since the language is rich in synonyms.
There are many ways to learn Spanish. Everyone can determine for themselves the most suitable one in order to minimize their own efforts and get more pleasure from the educational process. However, we recommend that you use more than one method, but combine several – so your results will be more effective.

Method #1: Sing along to your favorite artists

Texts in verse are remembered much better, and verses superimposed on musical compositions are remembered even better. favorite songs, replenish your own vocabulary. Sing along to the performers to practice pronunciation. At the same time, don’t forget about grammar. Alas, it can only be known from textbooks. You can’t do without them completely.

Method number 2: “the road will be mastered by the walking one”

Constantly work on memorizing new vocabulary. Every day, when you have a free minute, read about thirty new words, without necessarily trying to memorize them. After several attempts, say all the words from memory. Do not scold yourself for mistakes, it is better to repeat the words again. Enter new vocabulary every day, and the result will definitely appear.

Method number 3: to the delight of a movie fan

The purpose of this method is the same – vocabulary replenishment, but in this case it is also possible to capture speech intonations. The Almighty Internet is a provider of many useful resources where you can easily find movies, cartoons, series and shows in Spanish – with or without subtitles, and also translated into Russian. Use them in the educational process.

Method #4: Communicate and Communicate Again

Establish communication with Spanish-speaking users on social networks or Spanish speakers in real life, do not be shy about your own mistakes, because everything comes gradually. For the sake of pleasure, study the language of the speech of foreigners to your own friends and acquaintances.

Method number 5: down with laziness, learning is light!

Nowadays, foreign language learners have access to numerous courses, trainings, teacher services, online classes, lectures and articles. What are some excuses for being lazy?

Yes, any learning process requires effort and painstaking work, but the knowledge that you can eventually get is an excellent motivation for action. To date, Spanish is one of the top three: it is extremely common in the world. And you can definitely master it.